Sistem USAhatani Cabai Merah Pada Lahan Pasir Di YOGYAKARTA

Nfn Sutardi • Cristina Astri Wirasti
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • Juli 2017 Chile • Indonesia


Chili Farming System on Sandy Soil in Yogyakarta. Low productivity of Chili in Yogyakarta was caused by low quality of seeds, unavailability of suitable technology package, lock of institutional support small scale of the farming system and the disease caused by Gemini virus. Potential of sandy soil area of ± 3,300 ha is located along the south coast of Kulon Progo Regency and Bantul Regency. The objective of this research analysis of feasiability package of varieties of red Chili varieties Kencana and Helix specific location of sandy soil that to be developed. The research was conducted at the farmer field in Bugel II village, Panjatan subdistrict, Kulon Progo district, Yogyakarta from March to August 2015.The Rondomize Complete Block Design experimental design was used in this trial. The Treatment of technology, that were innovation technology of introduction by BPTP Yogyakarta and farmer's way is repeated 20 times with 6 sample plants from each replication. The area of the plot corresponds to the land area of the farmer 500 m2. Data analysis was performed on growth, production, t test, and farming and socioeconomic income with B/C, R/C, MBCR and descriptive statistic. The results showed that the technology package was adopted up to 80% by the cooperators and 50% by noncooperators. Productivity of variety Kencana by the cooperators was 4.0 t/ha, within come and R/C were Rp20,979,500 and 1.15, respectively, and MBCR 1.96 times the value-added. Meanwhile, productivity of variety Helix by the cooperators reached 8.068 t/ha by the same cooperators, resulted in income up to Rp120,666,500 with R/C 2.26 and MBCR 5.89 times the value-added. The availability of superior Chili varieties supported by techological introductio mekes in the sandy soil potential comodity to be developed. Therefore, guidance of implemention and intensive assistance need to be prepared.Chili, farming system, technology adoption, sandy soil


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