Kajian Produktivitas dan Respon Petani terhadap Padi Varietas Unggul Baru di Kecamatan Parungkuda dan Cicantayan Kabupaten Sukabumi

Yati Haryati • Sunjaya Putra
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • Maret 2018 Indonesia


Assessment on the productivity and farmers' responses towards new high yield varieties of rice in Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province. High yielding varieties (HYV) have contributed greatly to the national rice production, but is widely adaptable and not towards a specific area. This study aims to determine the productivity and responsiveness of farmers to new varieties of rice. The assessment was conducted in the rice field of Langensari Village, Parungkuda Subdistrict and Cijalingan Village, Cicantayan Subdistrict, Sukabumi Regency, West Java on Drought II (May-August) 2014, using a Randomized Block Design (RBD) with 6 treatments (varieties) and 4 replications. The varieties used are Inpari 22, Inpari 24, Inpari 25, Inpari 28, Inpari 30 and Ciherang. The parameters observed were: location characteristic was analyzed descriptively, rice yield (GKP) was analyzed by ANOVA (Analysis of variance) followed by Duncan Multiple Range Test at 5% level, farmer response to variety using likert scale, the farmer's response to the organoleptic test was analyzed using freidman test followed by Wilcoxon test and to see the cost, income and profit of farming was done input-output analysis of farming. The results showed that the productivity of new high yielding varieties in Parungkuda Subdistrict was the highest of Inpari 30 varieties (11,20 t/ha GKP) and Cicantayan Inpari 25 (11,15 t/ha GKP). Farmers' responses to rice crops seen from vegetative and generative appearances generally favor all new improved varieties. The response of farmers to the taste of rice in Parungkuda Subdistrict prefered Inpari 22 varieties of rice and the response of farmers to the taste of rice in Cicantayan Subdistrict prefers Inpari 28 and 30. Analysis of farming new varieties (VUB) based on the value of R/C ratio ranges from 4,21 to 6,59 (Inpari 25). productivity, new high yield varieties, farmers' response


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