Respon Pengrajin Tempe Terhadap Introduksi Varietas Unggul Kedelai Untuk Produksi Tempe

Dian Adi Anggraeni Elisabeth • Erliana Ginting • Rahmi Yulifianti
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • November 2017


Response of Tempe SMEs Into Soybean Improved Varieties Introduction for Tempe Production. Intensive socialization and introduction of improved soybean varieties has been conducted along with the extension of soybean cropping area so that improved soybean varieties will be available abundantly in market. Therefore, socialization to soybean small and medium enterprises (SMEs) involving tempe producers particularly who live outside of soybean production center should be done due to they used to use imported soybean for the tempe processing. Study aimed to depict the introduction of Iletri's soybean improved varieties for tempe production and to observe the producers' responses on substitution of imported soybean. Study was conducted on September 2015 involving 122 respondents consisted of 39 tempe producers, 67 tempe chip producers, and 16 other soybean product producers. Primary data was obtained through interview method with semi-opened questionaire involving data of SME's general characteristics, tempe sensory test result, and response of respondents. Data was equipped with physicochemical analysis of raw tempe made from improved soybean varieties with imported one as a comparison. The result showed that tempe made from Argomulyo, Anjasmoro, and Burangrang varieties had higher protein content than tempe form imported soybean. Tempe from Grobogan variety had no significantly different of weight and volume with imported one. For sensory atributes, the producers gave a positive response with standard of like to very like for tempe made from Anjasmorro variety. Information on physicochemical and sensory atributes of tempe showing that the qualities of tempe from improved soybean varieties were similar even better than imported soybean one depicted to the producers there is an opportunity for substitution of imported soybean. It is expected that the awareness will improve into adoption with the support of stakeholders including related local offices. improved soybean varieties, imported soybean, substitution, tempe producers


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