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Road infrastructure is acknowledge as supporting development for mobility in economic activities. Road infrastructure, in some point, will pass through national park. National park is conservations area for plants and animal. Their existence rely on the park itself. The road infrastructure could affect the animals habitat; fragment the habitat and endangered the existence of animals. Case study on 4 national park, based on World Wild Fund (WWF) collaborated work, are showing the urgency of mitigation of road infrastructure. In order to build a sustainable road infrastructure, ecology road (eco-road) is need to be defined to minimize the effect the road development and preserve functionality of national park for conservation. Eco-road development must support human welfare and wildlife livelihood. Indonesia, as the largest tropical rainforest in the world, are developing regulations on road constructions. There are many factors considered in proposing ideas in eco-road. Every factors must address issues in human welfare and wildlife livelihood. A comprehensive approach on enrichment of fragmented habitat is due. Specific issues based on native animals behaviour is observed. Novel concept are proposed to adhere aspect eco-road. And, draft regulations according existing law and eco-road as Sustainability Infrastructure for Supporting Wildlife Livelihood.

Keywords: ecology road, sustainable inrastructure, sustainable development


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International Conference of ASEAN Golden Anniversary 2017

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