Young Learners' Achievement Towards the Use of Team-games-tournament (Tgt) Technique and Flashcards Teaching Technique in Learning Grammar

Diania Yovita
Journal article Magister Scientiae • 2017

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(English, 11 pages)


Teams-Games-Tournament, being one of cooperative learning method, is carefully structured sequence of teaching-learning activities, a blend of three educational techniques-small groups, instructional games, and tournaments. Therefore, this present study aims to investigate the young learners' achievement towards the student-centered approach through Team Games Tournament (TGT) technique and teacher-centered approach through flashcard teaching technique in learning grammar. A quasi experimental was employed in this study. The writer used two classes as the experimental and control groups. The writer also developed a research instrument which contains fifteen items. After the meetings of the treatment, the writer administered a post test to both classes. Having collected the data, the writer analyzed the mean scores of post-test using independent sample t-test. From the statistical data, the study reveals that there is a significant difference on the students' grammar achievement between those taught using TGT technique and that taught using Flashcard teaching technique.


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