Sertifikasi Kompetensi Profesi Pendidik

Muljani A. Nurhadi
Journal article Formatif • 2011

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


The most recent research finding has shifted the old paradigm on the importance of quality of educator in improving education quality. The old paradigm on the quality of educator based solely on education certification is a fallacy, because the most important is now rely on the level of competence and its effective use in classroom. It means that the role of professional educator in terms of competence is required. However, like other professions, educator as a profession is still in the process of development. Consequently, certification of educator profession needs to be developed and standardized because those are not only to speed up the development of educator profession, but more importantly also to drive the quality, the effectiveness, and the tideness of education process. Moreover, the enfoscement of profession educator will not only guarantee quality, but also protect education process from possible existing malpractice behavior of educator and having exposed from inadequate education materials. Moreover, this will also provide legal security and become the basis of appropriate renumetation system for educator profession accordingly. Toward the establishment of an accountable certification system for educator profession, a systematic steps have to be carried out, including: formulating standard of competence for educator, exploring supporting body of knowledge, framing types and levels of competence, articulating professional code of ethics, developing standards of professional education and training, establishing system and mechanism for professional enhancement, formulating licencing system and mechanism for institutions running professional education program, monitoring and safeguarding the implementation of profession, implementing a punishment system for those who breaks profession code of ethics, and developing professional certification management system. Collaboration with professional organizations, tertiary education institutions, parents, and students, the government as a regulator, distributor, and resource allocator should comprehensively regulate certification for educator profession. With support from academician, practician, and parents, professional organization should take an initiative in the movement of educator profession certification development. Tertiary education institutions, institutionally or through their individual academicians, may take part in developing concent and regulations for both insititution and individual educator, and offer pre- and in- service training program in one or more specializations of educator profession.


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