Pemberian Rangkuman sebagai Strategi Pembelajaran

Muh Ilyas Ismail
Journal article Formatif • 2011

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


This paper discusses the provision of a summary as one component of the learning strategy that plays an important role in improving learning outcomes optimally. Summaries can be done at the beginning of learning, and can also be given at the end of the lesson. Giving a summary at the beginning of learning, work gives an overview on the learner about the content of the material will be presented, and help learners to determine attitudes toward the content of these materials will be presented. While granting summary of a presentation made at the end, serves to review the main ideas of the material that has been presented so that there is an opportunity for students to recall material that has been presented it. So the summary is a component of a strategy that includes all the content areas of study are important, such as understanding ¬-brief understanding of the concepts, procedures, or principles learned. There are five types of summaries are often used in learning, namely: verbal summary, summary charts, summary tabulations, summary groves, Summary schematic. While giving a summary of strategies that are often used, namely: learners is asked to make a summary of what has been taught, and learners is asked to make a summary of what has been read to show a better performance.


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