Thariqah at Tathbiqiy Li Tarjamah Kutub Al Turats Fi Muassasah Dirasah Al Quran Wa Kitab Al Turats Surabaya

Moh Nurul Huda
Journal article Alsinatuna • Juni 2017

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(Arabic, 12 pages)


Arabic language has some effects  for governing Islamic knowledge, furthermore the first source Islamic knowledge is al-Qur'an and al-Hadits that used arabic language. If we want to govern it, we must know arabic language. Usually turast book was studied in Islamic boarding school for understanding some religion knowledges from al-qur'an and al-hadits. For understanding turast book we have to pass transliteration process. It will be find the conclution from the Islamic knowledge. One of way to ease the student for transliting arabic books is tatbiqi methode. It's combine arabic gramatical, learning vocabularies, and transliting process. The student not only learn the arabic gramatical, but also practice to translate arabic texts according to the principle was learned .  


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