Successive Cyclic Movement in Standard Indonesian's Verbal Prefixes

Denny Irjanto Siagian
Journal article Melanesia • 2017

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(English, 6 pages)


Standard Indonesian has several unique word formations, such as affixation. Some studies discuss about this patterning, like Sato in 2010, who came up with the prefixation meN-, nonetheless, the analysis is not quite precise, where the actual form of the prefix is me-, which then experience automatic phonological process by the surrounding sound(s), and subsequently the base form me- will then be conjugated in order to match to the root. Additionally, this paper would also reveal the genuine form of the other prefixes in Standard Indonesian, including any possible phonological changes according to the sounds circumstance. Moreover, the discussion will be extended under the principles of syntax-morphology parameter, exactly in the phenomenon of successive cyclicity, which particularly involves wh and NP movement.


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