Pemarkah Kohesi Gramatikal dalam Cerita “Kota Emas” Karya I.s.kijne

Yosefina Baru
Journal article Melanesia • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


The main focus of this research is to describe and describe the types of grammatical cohesion pemarkah in the story of “Kota Emas” by I.S. Kijne. The source of this research comes from “In the Garden of Flowers”, “In Sand beach”, “Golden City”, “Expelled”, “Stone and Thorns”, “Mother Tom”, and “Where is Tom?”. A total of 184 grammatical cohesion marker data were encountered in the seven stories. There are three grammatical cohesion markers encountered, ie references / referers, ellipsis, and conjunctions. References / referers are references / referers of endoophores and exophors. The exsofora driver comprises the ecofora of the situation or condition and the first and second execution of the pronoun persona, the first pronomina persona, and the reference / reference of the third person pronoun; ellipsis or percolation; and conjunctions comprise conjunction additions or additives, contradictions, timing, consequences, terms, comparisons, sequences or sequences, and means.


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