Gender Animatenes Morpheme in Meyah Its Morphology and Ideological Meaning

Imoifa Igga
Journal article Melanesia • 2017

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(English, 14 pages)


Meyah is one of language spoken in Eastern birds. Meyah is categorized as Papuan language while it word order is SVO language pattern. This study aim to discuss gender animatenes morpheme in Meyah its morphology and ideological meaning. Gender is how about how the Meyah human categories and classifies the person's name as male and female. In this research I will use descriptive method to describe the data such as place and time, population and simple, tools of collecting data and data analysis. Basically the name of person is taken from kind of plants, animal and things. Ideologically the name happens while almost Meyah people are famer and hunting. During do activities such as hunt and farm, they found the new thing or new the phenomenon they named their children like that. Morphologically this phenomena almost same as Akang language, where the people of Akang named their children by using name of day, moon and year to naming their children.


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