Revitalization of Local Wisdom for the Environmental Education

Iman Hilman • Nedi Sunaedi
Journal article Geosfera Indonesia • 2018 Indonesia

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Local wisdom that exist nowadays is facing challenge that threaten its preservation, so that it begins to eroded by the development of technology, which has adoption process of innovation and the diffusion of technology adoption. Understanding the local wisdom would be clear that local wisdom becomes important in managing natural resources and conserving environment. The purpose of this research is to revitalize and preserve the local wisdom of the indigenous community at Kampung Kuta, Ciamis Regency, West Java. The benefits of this research will be used for revitalization and preservation of local wisdom and revitalize the values and cultural norms contained in regulating the life of community.The research method and planning that would be applied in this revitalization and  preservation of cultural  is Participatory Planning and Research (PPR) which emphasize on excavate information through thorough inquiry toward local community. Share with the community, to talk about how to empower local community and furthermore to carry out the useful planning for local community.Design of revitalization and preservation of local wisdom; the establisment of local wisdom group with training and learning program; the management of indigenous group continuously; spread widely local wisdom to its supporter with instilling cultural values and local wisdom as a contain of local wisdom; plan regeneration agent and the supporter of local wisdom as a part of inheritance of culture.Revitalization and preservation of local wisdom in educational environment at Kampung Kuta custom produce : cultural tradition management; help and support for cultural development; promoting and introducing cultural tradition to the outside community. Keywords: Revitalization, Conservation, Preservation, Local Wisdom, Environmental Education


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