Cooperative Learning Type Team Assisted Individualized (Tai) Based on Ability to Beginning of Students in Implementation Strategy for Social Science Learning in Class VII Sekampung Junior High School , Lampung

Elan Artono Nurdin • Fahrudi Ahwan Ikhsan • Fahmi Arif Kurnianto • Bejo Apriyanto
Journal article Geosfera Indonesia • 2018 Indonesia

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Purpose of this study was to test a model of cooperative team assisted individualizd (TAI) in terms of the initial capabilities junior high school students. The subjects were students of class VII SMP Negeri Sekampung Lampung Province. This study is a quasi-experimental study(quasi-experimental)design Non-Equivalent Control GroupDesign.Learning achievement assessment instruments using essay test. The result of such assessment data is analyzed usingt-test with SPSS16.0 for Windows.The results showed no significant difference model of cooperative team assisted individualizd (TAI) and conventional models in terms of the ability of junior high school students beginning in the implementation of learning strategies IPS. Based on the difference between pretest and post-test showed that the average value gainscore experimental class (45.63) was higher than in the control group (30.02). The results of analysis of test data using independent sample t test showed that the model of cooperative team assisted individualizd (TAI) obtainedvalue probability(p-level) of less than 0.05 is the sig 0.00. Keywords: TAI models, Capability Earlier, Student achievement


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