The Effect of Learning Cooperative Model Jigsaw on Geographic Learning Result

Bejo Apriyanto • Fahrudi Ahwan Ikhsan • Elan Artono Nurdin • Fahmi Arif Kurnianto
Journal article Geosfera Indonesia • 2018


Based on observations made on 4 sepetember in class X SMA Islam Lumajang known that 75% of students said that geography subjects boring because too many concepts that must be memorized because they do not understand the benefits of geography lessons for real life, also rarely make observations out class. Strong indications that underlie the difficulties of students to understand the material presented, among others, due to lack of ability of students in solving the problem of Geography. It can be seen from the activity as well as student learning outcomes that show there are only 3% of students who look active, while others less active, and the ability of students in solving problems there are only 7 students who can solve the problem well. The ability of students in solving the problem is still lacking this can be seen from the observation that says there are only 5 of 40 students who can solve the problem while the 90% still need guidance and training in solving problems. To overcome the problem of learning quality, then compiled geography learning by implementing problem-based learning to improve student activity and learning outcomes in understanding environmental problems. The purpose of this study is to describe whether the problem-based learning can improve student activities and learning outcomes in solving environmental problems in class X SMA Islam Lumajang. This research is a classroom action research conducted in 2 action cycles. In this study data obtained in the form of student learning activities, the value of discussion results, and the value of student learning outcomes. Student learning activities are measured by increasing the average percentage of student learning activities. Key Words: Jigsaw Model, Learning Result


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