Perilaku Sosial Siswa dalam Pembelajaran Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial pada Kelas Rendah (Studi Kasus di Sekolah Dasar Negeri Dalem Kotagede YOGYAKARTA)

Astaria Murti • Kristi Wardani
Journal article Trihayu • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


The purpose is (1) know sosial behavior of students while learning sosial studios in low grade especially classical II. (2) how to overcome sosial behavior of students ini learning sosial studios. Method of this research used Case study. Techniques of data collection using observation, interviews, and documentation. The technique of data validity is done by extension of observation, increasing persistence, and triangulation of data.The results of descriptive research show that: (1) Social behavior shown by students IY, ZY and PBW tend to show Aggression Behavior; (a) Procedural Behavior of students of IY, ZY and PBW relating to the assignment of IPS duties; (b) Aggression Behavior. IY, ZY and PBW often make a fuss in the classroom by shouting, talking dirty, punching, kicking, berrying in the classroom. This causes the IY, ZY and PBW to do the tasks to take additional time to complete. (2) How to overcome the social behavior of IY, ZY, and PBW students conducted by Teachers and Principals by giving more attention and giving advice or reprimand.


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