Pendulum Energy Harvester with Amplifier

Michal Černý • Michal Dzurilla • Miloš Musil • Marek Gašparík

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(English, 7 pages)


This paper presents a new principle of inductive vibration power harvester. Harvester is a pendulum that uses energy capacitor which is the mass. The mass is connected to the pendulum via a gearbox to achieve greater movement of the pendulum that generates an electromagnetic voltage. The harvester is developed at a very low frequency (1-10 Hz) which uses the rectified magnetic fluxes. Magnets are statically placed in the harvester case, and relative motion is carried out by the coil. Magnets are static, and the coil moves due to the weight ratio of magnets which the steel leads of the magnetic flux and the coil itself. This paper is focused on a harvester with a mechanical amplifier with the proposed technique is brings the plow harvester access with an auxiliary force. The experimental results indicate that the optimal results of the harvester with an accumulator for the resonant zone are 3.75 Hz, 7 Hz, and 10 Hz.


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