Design of Wave Buoy for Coastal Wave High Monitoring

Erik Munandar • Indra Jaya • Agus S. Atmadipoera


Ocean wave has complex and random characteristics that makes, which may cause the wave height and period are difficult to measure and to predict. In this paper we describe the development of wave buoy instrument was made using the acceleration sensor to monitor of buoy's position in 3 axes (xyz). The measurement results shown metasentrum value is 2.5 which means that the buoy is stable. In addition, the difference in speed during the test successfully illustrated by means of the presence of two different frequencies with error is 0.01-0.07 m for a periode of 2.91 s and 4.95 s. Field measurement in the Palabuhan Ratu bay was succesfully obtaining some type of generated waves. The field trial that was done for 24 hours showed 4 significant period, clasisifield into 1 second and 3.37 second (wind wave), 1.20 hour (anomaly wave), and 12 hour (tidal wave). In conclusion, the wave buoy developed was successfully tested and performed well at sea trial, where the wave buoy capable of recording various wave spectrum.


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