3-d Physical Modelling On Floating - Type Breakwater

Harman Ajiwibowo
Journal article Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Kelautan Tropis • 2018 Indonesia


BP Tangguh has port facilities in Bintuni Bay, West Papua, with a water depth of about 6 to 9 m. To secure the port activities and facilities, a floating-type breakwater was proposed. Three-dimensional physical modeling was conducted in a wave basin to determine its effectiveness against environmental conditions in Bintuni Bay by quantifying the transmission coefficient (KT). The basin was equipped with pistons to generate a monochromatic wave, four wave probes, and an eight-channel DAS (Data Acquisition System). Wave height (H) and period (T) data were recorded by the wave probes and validated by peilschaal observation. The incoming (Hi) and transmitted wave heights (Ht) before and after the breakwater, respectively, were measured and processed to obtain KT. The relationships between KT and non-dimensional variables were analyzed. The proposed floating-type breakwater was found to be effective for intermediate and short waves but not for long waves. Meanwhile, configuration 1 was choosen since the smaller structure still resulted in similar transmission waves compared to configuration 2. For the short waves, the floating-type breakwater resulted in transmission coefficients ranging from 0.5 to 0.7. The value of KT declined when the wave period became smaller.


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