Relation Of Fish Resource Condition With Prohibition Of Using Seine-nets In Takalar District South Sulawesi

Harlisa Sajeri • Mustaruddin Mustaruddin • Tri Wiji Nurani
Journal article Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Kelautan Tropis • 2018 Indonesia


One of the regulations Indonesian government for fisheries management is PERMEN-KP. 02 2015 about prohibition of using trawls and seine nets in all areas of fisheries management Indonesia. Rule is enacted, because seine net probably damaging fish habitat on the sea. The purposes of this research were to describe seine net fishing unit, measuring dominant fish caught and measuring condition of fish resources. The study was conducted July - September 2017 in Takalar District, South Sulawesi. Data consisted of primary and secondary data. Data analysis in this research were descriptive, CPUE, relationship of CPUE between fishing effort, and calculated of utilization rate. Results showed that seine net fishing gear nowdays are 58 ships measuring 5-6 GT. The size of catch has decreased from 9 years ago. CPUE of small pelagic fish decreased from 2008-2014, but increased 55% in 2015. MSY value of small pelagic fish and demersal were 16844.15 ton/year and 2126.6 ton/year, with optimum effort were 320 and 274 units. The utilization rate of small pelagic fish and demersal were 66% and 94% that indicated utilization fish resource was fully exploited. Enhancement of CPUE in 2015 for small pelagic fish, so the prohibition of using seine nets significantly can recover fish resources.


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