Nutrient N-p in Coastal Waters of Pangkep, South Sulawesi

Andriani Nasir • Moh Adnan Baiduri • Hasniar Hasniar
Journal article Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Kelautan Tropis • 2018 Indonesia


The coastal waters of Pangkep have received much run-off land from agricultural activities, along streams with aquaculture activities and agriculture which provide a large supply of fertilizers containing N and P. This study aims to determine and analyze the variability of N and P extraction from activity agriculture in the flow up to the estuary. Water sampling was conducted from July to August 2017 (dry season) in coastal waters of Pangkep river with stations based on run-off type ie agricultural and household disposal (P1); river flow (P2); pond disposal (P3); pond entrance (P4); river mouth (P5, P6, P7). The results showed that the concentration of N-P at each station ranged from 0.79-1.87 mg-N/L; 0.09-0.14 mg-P/L (P1), 0.61-1.55 mg-N/L; 0.07-0.17 mg-P/L (P2), 0.51-0.77 mg-N/L; 0.08-0.13 mg-P/L (P3), 0.42-1.0 mg-N/L; 0.05-0.12 mg-P/L (P4), 0.36-0.78 mg-N/L; 0.07-0.12 mg-P/L (P5), 0.74-1.88 mg-N/L; 0.06-0.13 mg-P/L (P6), 0.44-1.16 mg-N/L; and 0.07-0.10 mg-P/L (P7). Agricultural, household and aquaculture significant to the average of ammonia discharge to the coastal area of Pangkep with agricultural and household activities is the largest N element supplier that is about 21.56%.


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