Item Analysis Using Rasch Model in Semester Final Exam Evaluation Study Subject in Physics Class X TKJ SMK 2 Manokwari

Jefri Palimbong • M. Mujasam • Alberto Yonathan Tangke Allo
Journal article Kasuari • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The purpose of this research is to analyze the items semester final exam evaluation study subject in physics using rasch model in terms of validity, reliability, and difficulty level of item in the physics lesson class X TKJ SMK Negeri 2 Manokwari. This research was a qualitative research that is evaluation of learning outcomes using quantitative descriptive method with data collection techniques used documentation. The data of respondents 44 students with the number of items 30 questions, obtained the result are the validity of the conformity level of item 26 questions was fit and 4 questions not fit. The students reliability 0,37 is weak, the item reliability 0,83 is good and the reliability between students with item 0,42 is bad. The difficult level of item general in the medium category, the means is very good because it is not difficult and not easy. The conclusion item analysis using rasch model in semester final exam evaluation were valid, reliable, and the difficulty level of item is very good.


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