Project Based Learning Model Based on Simple Teaching Tools and Critical Thinking Skills

Sri Wahyu Widyaningsih • Irfan Yusuf
Journal article Kasuari • 2018 Indonesia


This study aims to determine the application of PjBL model based on simple props and critical thinking skills of students in the School Laboratory course. This research uses research type Pre-Experimental Design with sample of all students of semester II which programmed Laboratory School on even semester 2016/2017 in Program Studi Pendidikan Fisika Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Papua. The results showed that the props designed by students 74.0% ± SD 4.2 or are in a good category. Assessment of practical worksheet covers the aspect of format, content, language/writing, and benefits/functions obtained 80.3% ± SD 7.4 or are in the very good category. Critical thinking skills of the students during the learning that is 66.7% ± SD 4.9 or are in a good category. Therefore the application of PjBL learning based on simple props can be used to develop critical thinking skills.


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