Hematological Parameters of Dogs Infected With Canine Parvovirus Enteritis in Sumy Ukraine

Tion Matthew Terzungwe
Journal article World Journal of Innovative Research • September 2018 Ukraina

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Canine parvovirus enteritis is highly contagious acute enteritis associated with high morbidity and mortality, with very low survival rates in untreated dogs. It is caused by canine parvovirus type 2. It generally affects dogs up to 6 months old. All breeds of dogs are affected although Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, American Pit-bull terrier, Labrador retriever and German shepherd are at increased risk of infection. Blood is regarded as fluid that aid in the assessment of the health status of animals. Hematology of infected dogs can help in giving an idea about the severity of infection, guide in deciding the treatment protocol and prognosis of the disease. Twenty-nine dogs with clinical signs consistent with canine parvovirus presented at Health Veterinary Clinic in Sumy, Ukraine were analyzed. They were diagnosed using rapid in-clinic enzyme immunoassay test kits (SensPERTreg, VetAll Laboratories, Kyunggi-Do, Korea). Data indicated that 31.0% (9/29) of the puppies had received at least 1 dose of multivalent vaccine which included Biocanreg, Vanguard 5 plusreg and Novibacreg. Temperature and Hematology were collected on the day of admission. 2mL of blood were collected from the cephalic vein of each dog into a test tube containing ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. The Hematologial parameters (RBC, HGB, PCV, WBC, NEU, MON, EOS, LYM and PLT) were determined by using automated blood counter. The most common hematological finding in all dogs was anemia, thrombocytopenia, pancytopenia (leucopenia, neutropenia and lymphopenia), leucocytosis, neutrophilia, eosinophilia, lymphocytosis and monocytosis.nbsp All the hematological abnormalities witnessed in this study are consistent with CPVE. This is an indication that different dogs will present different cell mediated immune responses during the course of the disease.


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