Depth Estimates Deduced From Source Parameter Imaging of High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data over Part of Nasarawa and Environs, North-Central Nigeria

Rowland A. Ayuba • A. Nur
Journal article International Journal of New Technology and Research • April 2018 Nigeria

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(English, 9 pages)


Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) of high resolution aeromagnetic data over Nasarawa and environs was carried out to determine depth to the magnetic basement for hydrocarbon deposit. The technique is a profile or grid-based method for estimating magnetic source depths, source geometries, dip and susceptibility contrast. It is a procedure for automatic calculation of source depths from gridded magnetic data where the depth solutions are saved in a database.nbsp These depth results are independent of the magnetic inclination and declination.The result of the analysis has its highest sedimentary thickness of about 5.297 km and 4.752 km around Akwanaand Adadu areas.The shallow sedimentary thickness occur at basement complex around Kogum River, Pankshin andNasarawaEggonareas at northern fringes.Detailed seismic survey and testdrilling be carried out around Akwana and Adadu areas, withsedimentary thickness of about 5.0 km.


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