Analysis of Refractive index Profile, Transmission Curve with Minimization of Dispersion in As2Se3 Photonic Crystal Fiber

Shanu Sharma • Ravindra Kumar Sharma • Sunil Sharma

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The photonic crystal fibers have been widely used materials as a transmission medium for communication purpose. They have been proposed 2 decade back and now a day they have preferred highest among all other transmission medium. Mostly Silica photonic crystal fibers are in use as a material for the PCF. Silica is the purest form of SiO2 which is easily available from the sand as a raw material. Chalcogenide glasses show high refractive indexes for sulfide glasses. High refractive index yields high Fresnel refraction loss and the well-guidance of cladding modes, which are the two major problems related to the light injection into chalcogenide glass fibers. The refractive index (n) of a given glass is wavelength (k) dependent. Chalcogenide glasses are transparent from the visible to the near infrared region and can be moulded into lenses or drawn into fibres. They have useful commercial applications as components for lenses for infrared cameras, and chalcogenide glass fibres and optical components are used in waveguides for use with lasers, for optical switching, chemical and temperature sensing and phase change memories. Chalcogenide glasses comprehensively reviews the latest technological advances in this field and the industrial applications of the technology.


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