Implementasi Pengurangan Resiko Kecemasan Ibu Bersalin Kala I melalui Metode Hypnobirthing di Klinik Bersalin Gegerkalong Kota Bandung Tahun 2016

Belva Metta Ardelia Erni Hernawati
Journal article Jurnal Bidan • Juli 2018

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Labor and birth are physiologic things that will be experienced by almost every woman. Although physiological things but will make mothers feel anxious. Anxiety in labor is a response to a particular situation that threatens, often anxiety can be characterized by feelings of irritability, anxiety, nervousness, excessive alertness, and feelings of tension in the process of labor. Anxiety during childbirth may prolong labor time or will lead to long periods. However, the anxiety can be handled by nonpharmacology, one of nonpharmacology treatment is by hypnobirthing method. Hypnobirthing is a method of handling anxiety in the face of labor. This hypnobirthing effort is focused on eliminating fear syndrome, tension or anxiety because hypnosis is used more focused on positive suggestion formation when the brain is in a calm or relaxed state. This research is to know the correlation of hypnobirthing method to maternal maternal anxiety at labor clinic Gegerkalong Bandung City 2016.

This research use analytic approach with case control design. The sampling technique used was accidental sampling with the number of samples of 8 respondents for the case group and 8 respondents for the control group. The instrument used is an Anxiety Rating Score (HAR-S) anxiety observation sheet. The primary data collection method obtained by observation to the respondent. Data analysis using comparative bivariate analytic unpaired category 2 group so that statistic test used is chi-square test.

Most mothers experienced anxiety as much as 68.75%. In the case group there was 62.5% did not experience anxiety and 37.5% experienced mild anxiety, while in the control group all (100%) experienced anxiety. With result ρ-Value 0,001 and OR 0,000. There is correlation between hypnobirthing method to maternal maternal anxiety and hypnobirthing method can reduce maternal anxiety risk.


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