Perbandingan Pengaruh Aromaterapi Mawar Dan Massage Effleurage Terhadap Nyeri Persalinan Kala I Fase Aktif

Ridha Sofia Handayani, Wiwin Mintarsih P, Etin Rohmatin
Journal article Jurnal Bidan • Juli 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Lt;emgt;Labor pain is a physiological condition commonly experienced by most maternity women. Labor pain can be overcome by pharmacological and nonpharmacological methods. Non-pharmacological methods are safer for maternity women because they have no side effects for the mother and fetus, aromatherapy and effleurage massage is one of the therapies for reducing maternity pain in managing Adreno Cortico Tropic Hormone (ACTH) that inhibits pain;/emgt;

lt;emgt;The purpose of this research is to know the difference between the influence of aromatherapy and effleurage massage on the inpartu mother on first stage in active phase. This research used experiment method. The research design used pre experimental designs (nondesigns) with two group pretest-post test design, with accidental sampling technique taken is 42 respondents. After giving aromatherapy, there are 16 people (76.19%) who have mild pain and 5 people (23,81 %) have moderate pain. Meanwhile, after giviing effleurage massage, there are 17 people (80.95) who have mild pain and 4 people have moderate pain 19.05%). The results showed that there was a difference between aromatherapy with effleurage massage towards the intensity of labor pain during the active phase I (ρ = 0.000)lt;/emgt;


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