Kekerasan Seksual pada Anak di Kabupaten Karawang

Sri Hennyati Ermaya Sari Bayu Ningsih
Journal article Jurnal Bidan • Juli 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Lt;emgt;Behavior of sexual violence to children (Child lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;Slt;/emgt;lt;emgt;exual lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;Alt;/emgt;lt;emgt;buse) is indication of any disturbance on mental health of someone. Data P2TP2A and LK3 assessed of sexual violence case on children were still high in Karawang City, data from the police station of Karawang city in 2014 -2015 were as many as 83 cases with the criteria for violence in the dating scene 56 cases, obscene/molestasi were 27 cases. Research purposes are looking at the social phenomena in the form of sexual violence on children in lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;Klt;/emgt;lt;emgt;arawang City with obtain information about abuse in sexual behavior, review of anticipatory measures and alternative solutions to overcome sexual violence on;/emgt;

lt;emgt;The study was done with a qualitative approach, it is phenomenology namely the study who studies all relevant scene of sexual violence on children in lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;Klt;/emgt;lt;emgt;arawang City, data collecting were done with interview observation, study documentation and FGD. The subjects of study were 21 respondents with the criteria of key informants, main informants/triangulation additional data analysis used the contents or analysis content;/emgt;

lt;emgt;Sexual violence on children in lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;Klt;/emgt;lt;emgt;arawang City, it was triggered by the sexual disorientation in adult people, lack of supervision parents against children, there is no control sources of information and social and cultural factors that are still taboo with sex education an early age. It is expected that the increasing the role of the police officers, P2TP2A , BKBPP, the social department or LK3 and;/emgt;


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