Faktor yang Berpengaruh terhadap Perilaku Pencegahan Hiv/aids pada Pekerja Seks Komersial (Psk) di Kota Bandung Tahun 2017

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Journal article Jurnal Bidan • Juli 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Lt;emgt;The highest AIDS cases by mode of transmission is through sexual transmission is through unsafe sexual intercourse in heterosexual as much as 71%. In West Java province ranking fourth transmission of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia spread of HIV / AIDS is transmitted sexually. One effort lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;counterlt;/emgt; lt;emgt;measureslt;/emgt;lt;emgt; HIV / AIDS is to strive to increase condom use and HIV testing periodically at every risky sexual activity. The purpose of this research lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;is to lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;know the effect of direct and indirect as well as the support of a magnitude between health, the environment, resources and motivation to conduct HIV / AIDS prevention in the commercial sex workers (lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;CSWlt;/emgt;lt;emgt;) lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;at lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;Bandung in 2017.lt;/emgt;

lt;emgt; This study used quantitative methods uslt;/emgt;lt;emgt;edlt;/emgt;lt;emgt; cross-sectionallt;/emgt;lt;emgt; designlt;/emgt;lt;emgt;. The sample used 75 respondents. The method used is quantitative approach using smart PLS and SPSS. The test results support the hypothesis as a greater percentage of health personnel influence lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;5lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;.2lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;%, lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;27.lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;6lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;% environment, motivation lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;1lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;1.lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;5lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;% and 5lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;3.2lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;% prevention behaviors. Square Q value (predictive relevanve) of 9lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;7.5lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;%, which means that the model is able to explain the diversity respentatif and be able to assess the phenomenon exists in the studylt;/emgt;lt;emgt;.lt;/emgt;

lt;emgt;Based on these findings, the effect oflt;/emgt; lt;emgt;prevention behaviorslt;/emgt; lt;emgt;to conduct HIV / AIDS prevention in the lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;CSWlt;/emgt; lt;emgt;has the highest value compared to other variable value,lt;/emgt; lt;emgt;so it is suggested thalt;/emgt;lt;emgt;t lt;/emgt;lt;emgt;CSlt;/emgt;lt;emgt;Wlt;/emgt;lt;emgt;.lt;/emgt;


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