Variation of Pigment and Anthocyanin Content of Local Black Rice From YOGYAKARTA on Two Altitude

Kristamtini Kristamtini • Endang Wisnu Wiranti • Sutarno Sutarno
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • Desember 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


There are several types of local black rice with different quality which well known in Yogyakarta. However, the altitude location affect to the quality and pigmentation of local black rice remains were unknown. The objectives of this research was to determine the variation of rice pigmentation and total anthocyanin content of Yogyakarta local black rice which planted on two differentaltitudes location. This study was conducted from February to December 2015 with the experimental design using factorial experiment. The first factor is seven local black rice varieties from Yogyakarta (G) and second factor is two different altitude locations: lowlands (26 m asl) of Gulon, Sri Hardono, Pundong, Bantul (A1), and in medium lands (462 m asl) of Padasan, Pakembinangun, Pakem, Sleman (A2). The total anthocyanin content and rice pigmentation were observed. Three color variables for rice pigmentation, i.e. lightness (L*), greenness (a*), and yellowness (b*) were measured by Chroma Meter, Konica Minolta– Minolta CM-2006. The results showed that there was diversity on pigmentation and total anthocyanin content in the black rice grown at different altitude. Local variety Tugiyo Umur Panjang has any anthocyanin highest in the low altitude location (Bantul), while local variety Sembada Hitam was showed the highest anthocyanin at the height of the medium (Sleman). A positivesignificant correlation was found among color variables, i.e. lightness (L*), greenness (a*), and yellowness (b*) and there was a negative significant correlation between total anthocyanin content and L*, a*, and b* color variables.


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