Determinant Factors of Successful Ex Situ Conservation of Lesser Bird of Paradise [Paradisaea Minor Shaw, 1809]

Ken Dara Cita • Jarwadi Budi Hernowo • Burhanuddin Masy'ud
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • Juni 2019 Qatar

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Recently, the population of the lesser bird of paradise (Paradisaea minor Shaw, 1809) has been decreasing due to illegal hunting, illegal trading, and habitat destruction. Meanwhile, ex situ conservation efforts of this bird are lacked and very low in the success of breeding. The aims of this research were to identify and analyze the component that determines the successful ex situ conservation of the lesser bird of paradise. The study was conducted from March until May 2016 in the TMII Bird Park, Mega Bird and Orchid Farm (MBOF), Ragunan Zoo, Bandung Zoo, and Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP) in Qatar. Dataincluded an internal and external biological aspect of species, captive breeding technique, and social aspect, and were analyzed by Principle Component Analysis (PCA). The statistical analysis resulted that there were five determinant factors of successful ex situ conservation of lesser bird of paradise which the first determinant factors were maturity, diet, and ability of animal keeper.


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