Islam pada Masa Kesultanan Banten

Maftuh Maftuh
Journal article Alqalam • Juni 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 33 pages)


For many observers, Banten is well known as an area where the population has a strict religious understanding onislamic law. Colonial officials and experts in Islamic studies such as Snouck Hurgronje and GF Pijper, testified that compared to other Muslims across Java , Muslim in Banten and Cirebon were stricter in practicing Islam . The phenomenon of the social life of the religious community in Banten is necessarily formed within a very long time span. This paper traces the root of the formation of public religious understanding ojMuslim in Banten. Using a socio-historical approach, this paper then leads to the conclusion that the sultan of Banten issued policies that had a greater emphasis to the adherence to the Shari'a rather than Sufism. Religious orientation on the fiqh-oriented can explain the Islamic militancy Banten community, as witnessed by the colonial officials, and even still can be seen up to this present moment.


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