Peranan Metodologi Penelitian Hukum di dalam Perkembangan Ilmu Hukum di Indonesia

Laurensius Arliman S.
Journal article Soumatera Law Review • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 21 pages)


Research as a scientific activity is part of the process of developing science and human intelligence. Legal science as a branch of science is bound to the paradigm that occurs in science in general. The paradigm of jurisprudence shows its own peculiarity, in its development showing an unbroken, paradigmatic development but sustainable. It is necessary to realize that the science of law is a very complex science, ranging from philosophical studies, the development of both theoretical and practical scholarship, to the concrete form of eksistesinya which is not dedicated to the community. One way to find out the development of legal research methodology is to trace the thinking path of legal research methodology can be divided into two fundamental things: Jurisprudential Model and Sociological Model. Through legal research will be useful in the development of law in Indonesia, to see the research topic it will be easy to determine the background of problems, problem formulation, problem objectives, research authenticity, research benefits, legal theories to be used, conceptual framework, research methodology, systemetics of writing, and literature review of the research.


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