Keberadaan dan Penerapan Peraturan Daerah Syari'ah sebagai Perundang-undangan pada Tingkat Daerah

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Journal article Soumatera Law Review • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 25 pages)


One of issue which often emerge in local goverment in Indonesia is Peraturan Daerah syari'ah, that is local regulation based on islamic law. Result of this research conclude that the Peraturan Daerah syari'ah is transformation of syaria as islamic law into local regulation as positive law. in side of legislation, it can be assesed by using the principles of formulation of legislation and principles of material contens of legislation. To asses from perspective of human rights can be used three categories, that is: arranging worship, having the character of privat law, and having the character of publik law.Based on two assesment instrument, Regulation Arranging worship and having character of private law should be assigned by central government through The Ministery of Religion Affairs, but syaria doctrin having character of publik law can be poured into local regulation as material resources of law. Academically, the existence of Peraturan Daerah syari'ah is motivated by Islamic doctrin on the state in interpretation of Ibnu Khaldun and Ibnu Taymia. This doctrin is related to the teaching of Imam Malik that enable to release the regulation such as Peraturan Daerah Syari'Ah, although not in the Islamic state. Practically, the Peraturan Daerah syariah is driven by political appointment while political campaign for local election. So far Peraturan Daerah Syari'ah is more as moral appeal rather than legals norm.


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