Policy Implication of Single Candidates in Regional Head Election on Voter Participation in Tasikmalaya District

Engkus Engkus • Nanang Suparman • Fadjar Trisakti • Firda Lestari
Journal article Politicon • 2019

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 23 pages)


The main problem in this study is that voter participation in the election to the regions in Tasikmalaya Regency declined. This is possible because of the absence of candidates who have great potential to compete with the single candidate, the existence of a legal vacuum (Rechtvacum) with weak regulations regarding regional elections followed by single candidates which have implications for planned delays in the election, political. This study uses a quantitative approach with Associative method. The calculation results obtained by calculating the dimensions of size and purpose, resources, character of the implementing agent, disposition, communication, and environment of the Single Candidate Determination Policy in the Election of Regional Heads on Voter Participation in Tasikmalaya District have a significant influence. Thus it is concluded that there are still not optimal indicators from the dimensions of policy implementation such as the character of the implementing agency that directly affects participation of the community, then in communication and the way the implementer gives an attitude in accepting the results of implementation that are not in accordance with what the community feels


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