Modeling Statistical Downscaling for Prediction Precipitation Dry Season in Bireuen District Province Aceh

Juniana Husna • Sanusi Sanusi
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining • September 2019 Indonesia

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The Asian-Australian monsoon circulation specifically causes the Indonesian region to go through climate changebility that impacts on rainfall variability in different Indonesia's zone. Local climate conditions such as rainfall data are commonly simulated using GCM time series data. This study tries to model the statistical downscaling of GCM in the form of 7x7 matrix using Support Vector Regression (SVR) for rainfall forecasting during drought in Bireuen Regency, Aceh. The output yields optimal result using certain parameter i.e. C = 0.5, γ = 0.8, d = 1, and ↋= 0.01. The duration of computation during training and testing are ± 45 seconds for linear kernels and ± 2 minutes for polynomials. The correlation degree and RMSE values of GCM and the actually observed data at Gandapura wheather station are 0.672 and 21.106. The RSME value obtained in that region is the lowest compared to the Juli station which is equal to 31,428. However, the Juli station has the highest correlation value that is 0.677. On the other hand, the polynomial kernel has a correlation degree and RMSE value equal to 0.577 and 29,895 respectively. To summary, the best GCM using SVR kernel is the one at Gandapura weather station in consideration of having the lowest RMSE value with a high correlation degree.


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