Random Forest Algorithm for Prediction of Precipitation

Aji Primajaya • Betha Nurina Sari

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Predicting rainfall needs to be done as one of such effort to anticipate water flooding. One of the algorithm that can be used to predict rainfall is random forest. The porpose of the research is to create a model by implementing random forest algorithm. The research method consist of four steps: data collection, data processing, random forest implementation, analysis. Random forest implementation with using training set resulted model that has accurracy 71,09%, precision 0.75, recall 0.85, f-measure 0.79, kappa statistic 0.33, MAE 0.35, RMSE 0.46, ROC Area 0.78. Implementation of random forest algorithm with 10-fold cross validation resulted the output with accurracy 99.45%, precision 0.99, recall 0.99, f-measure 0.99, kappa statistic 0.99, MAE 0,09, RMSE 0.14, ROC area 1.


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