Spam Classification on 2019 Indonesian President Election Youtube Comments Using Multinomial Naïve-Bayes

Jonathan Radot Fernando • Raymond Budiraharjo • Emeraldi Haganusa

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Text classification are used in many aspect of technologies such as spam classification, news categorization, Auto-correct texting. One of the most popular algorithm for text classification nowadays is Multinomial Naïve-Bayes. This paper explained how Naïve-Bayes assumption method works to classify 2019 Indonesian Election Youtube comments. The output prediction of this algorithm is spam or not spam. Spam messages are defined as racist comments, advertising comments, and unsolicited comments. The algorithms text representation method used bag-of-words method. Bag-of-words method defined a text as the multiset of its words. The algorithm then calculate the probability of a word given the class of spam or not spam. The main difference between normal Naïve-Bayes algorithm and Multinomial Naïve-Bayes is the way the algorithm treats the data itself. Multinomial Naïve-Bayes treats data as a frequency data hence it is suitable for text classification task.


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