Marugame Udon An Analysis of Tenant and Stand-alone Restaurant

Andreas D. Handoyo • Adji Febrizky Tiara • Fadilla Mariasjarif
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • Oktober 2019 Indonesia • Jepang

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(English, 6 pages)


Nowadays, food is being used to spread and exchange the culture of a nation. In Indonesia, particularly in big cities such as Jakarta and Bandung, there are many specialty restaurants that offer an international menu representing the image of a country. Lot of people knows Japan from their signature food such as sushi and ramen. Marugame Udon is one of many franchises that introduce Japanese culture through food. This brand has two types of restaurants. First, the tenants which are located inside malls or shopping centers and there is also stand-alone restaurants. This research aims to identify the difference between their interior design in both places and its impact on customers’ perception. The method used in this research is comparative-descriptive. The physical environment has an important role in giving stimulus to the guest's experiences. However, this is still influenced by the functional and social factors where the place is located. Another subject that will be discussed in this paper is whether or not the design is authentically Japanese or mere cosmetic.

Keywords perception, interior design, brand image, restaurant


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