If.Bambang Sulistyono • Yayan Suherlan • Inas Raihan Fadhilah
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • Oktober 2019

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Batik lukis (hand painted batik) products as interior aesthetic elements have not been widely found. Batik products for interiors that are currently developing are in the forms of bed linen, pillow cases and tablecloths, and these products are still using traditional batik techniques and motifs. Some of batik lukis found are in the forms of wall paintings, while other products for aesthetic elements with the approach of modern painting concept have not been commonly found / produced in Sondakan batik center in Laweyan District, Surakarta. This research used descriptive qualitative method, carried out in the following steps of: 1) identifying various batik products that are produced; 2) making inventory and documentation and providing a detailed description of context analysis on each object; and 3) creating a product design that can be used as a reference for further action through implementation as a representation of further research programs. The outputs that have been achieved are the mapping of potential, product designs or design motifs, and painting motifs. The situation analysis results on Batik in Sondakan are: a). special target market segments that have high artistic taste, with middle to upper economy class, thus the motifs / patterns / colors should be made elegant, special, and exclusive, b). batik lukis techniques tend to be more free, not tied to traditional batik patterns, thus facilitating regeneration of batik artisans, c). Market strategy is not only through selling off, but also rental techniques for office interiors, hotels, and houses, d). Interior aesthetic elements are not limited to residential spaces, but are also developed in office interiors, agencies, hotels, homestays, even aircraft interiors, buses and trains, e). training for batik crafters is required to achieve high skills and crea-tivity in creating up to date products, f) the design of batik lukis emphasizes on functional value, especially as interior complements, g) Promotion through various media is needed.

Keywords Batik lukis, aesthetic elements, interior, batik Sondakan


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6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019

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