Digital Game Prototyping Using Board Game/Table Top as it’s Mock Up Case Study: Taman Putroe Phang Game Project

Dimas Krisna Aditya • Ade Keumala Febrina
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • Oktober 2019 Indonesia

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(English, 5 pages)


Many of the games with the Indonesian culture adaptations has been developed nowadays. Some of them are made for commercial markets and the other still developed as portfolio and also academic purposes. Some games, already had great gameplay and also had some beautifully digitalized artwork. However, in academic level games projects such as communications designs student’s final projects games prototyping, they often show many errors in the process, especially at gameplay and asset’s development. This circumstances happened because they (the students) lack of the knowledge about how to make a good gameplay based on narrations and always concern about how to designing the visual contents than make it have a great game. With the qualitative research methods by analyzing a games’ project called Taman Putroe Phang, a game project which adapting the Aceh’s Kingdom Romance History. Using game development theory and game design theories, this research wants to explain about how the game developed using board game/ tabletop prototyping before go to the digitalized final game design. The research purpose is to give a perspective and helps the beginner game designer to make a success game prototype using the table top mock up at the process, that shown in game’s prototype. Keyword: Games, Games’ mock up, table top game, board game, Aceh’s Kingdom History


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