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Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • Oktober 2019 Indonesia

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Indonesia is an archipelago country that is rich in arts and culture. The Baduy people still adhere to their cus- tomary law (pikukuh), how their cosmology (view of nature) is to this world. The way they treat nature, make houses al- ways facing north, children who get education only from parents and local customs and so on. According to them the origin

of this world is somewhere in the Baduy region called Sasaka Pusaka Buana or Sasaka Domas. therefore customary law is made to protect it. In the era is now reviewing information and learning something new is very easy because of the internet. But it turned out that the information was not accurate even far from the reality. Like various information on social media related to the tribe of Baduy but the information presented is not true, especially the issue of customs, culture which means it includes the cosmology of the Baduy tribe itself. Therefore to increase the knowledge of Baduy tribal cosmology, there is

a need for media of information and learning that are packaged in the form of photography books so that they can be por- trayed in a real and accurate manner. Using data collection through qualitative methods, namely observation and interviews,

added using SWOT to conduct data analysis. It is expected that the results achieved also meet the needs of the target audi- ence and can educate and provide accurate data through photography.

Keywords Cosmology, Baduy Luar, Book, Photography


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6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019

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