Implementasi Nilai-Nilai Ekonomi Islam dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Pegawai di PT. BPRS Lantabur Tebuireng Jombang

Ainiyatul Fitriyah • Tri Sudarwanto • Athi’ Hidayati
Journal article Journal of Islamic Economics Studies • Februari 2020

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This study aims to find out how the implementation of Islamic economic values ​​to employees and know how to implement Islamic economic values ​​on public servants to improve their performance at PT. Lantabur BPRS Tebuireng Jombang. The method used by the author is a qualitative approach with the type of field research and library research. The data that the author uses are data from the research results in the field that are supported by library data. From the results of this study revealed that the discipline of employee performance of PT. Lantabur BPRS Tebuireng Jombang is not in accordance with Islamic economic values ​​seen from the timeliness of being present at the office until the end of the activity employees who are not yet in their respective working positions during operational hours shows lack of discipline of employees in working time or less effective so they can disrupt operations.



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