Pengaruh Kualitas Layanan, Emosional Marketing dan Spiritual Marketing terhadap Kepuasan Nasabah Tabungan

Khoirotun Nisa • Imam Sopingi
Journal article Journal of Islamic Economics Studies • Februari 2020 Indonesia

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In a relatively short period of time, the Islamic financial institutions (LKS) in Indonesia have experienced increasingly sharp competition, which is pushing fierce competition. This condition makes each LKS need hard effort to get customers and retain existing customers. This study aims to determine the effect of service quality, emotional marketing influence, spiritual marketing influence, on satisfaction, and knowing these three variables together affect customer satisfaction. The research method used is quantitative research. By using questionnaire instruments or questionnaires distributed to 57 customers saving KSPPS BMT Nu Jombang. The instrument test used is reliability and validity testand in testing the hypothesis the researcher uses multiple regression analysis tests such as T test, F test and R test coefficient of determination. The results showed that service quality, emotional marketing and spiritual marketing each had a significant positive effect on customer satisfaction. Then service quality, emotional marketing and spiritual marketing together simultaneously affect customer satisfaction in KSPPS BMT NU Jombang with the coefficient of multiple determination (R-square) 87.8% and the remaining 12.2% influenced by other variables outside the research



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