Pengaruh Kualitas Layanan terhadap Kepuasan Muzakki ( Studi Kasus pada Lembaga Sosial Pesantren Tebuireng Jombang )

Hasan Basri • Imam Sopingi • Tri Sudarwanto
Journal article Journal of Islamic Economics Studies • 2020

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(18 pages)


The competition of Social Institutions in Jombang is very Fast, Each institution competes to gain the trust of the community in order to channel the assets of the agency. Strictly speaking, competition for Social Institutions requires a lot of effort to maintain the weaknesses of protection. The success of this business is largely determined by the ability of the institution to provide quality services. The purpose of this research is to study the factors of service quality for muzakki (case study in LSPT). Data collection conducted in this study is by collecting, interviewing, library research, questionnaire collection using a Likert scale and non probolity sampling methods, namely incidental sampling with slovin formula as many as 104. The method used is multiple regression. The results showed that X1 (physical evidence) had a significant effect on muzaki satisfaction where the significance value was greater than 5%, that is 0.05 with t count (2.692)> t table (1.983). X2 (reliability) is significant with the value of t arithmetic (2.762)> t table. (1,983). X3 (responsiveness) has a significant effect on the value of t arithmetic (3.393)> t table (1.983). X4 is not significant to satisfaction with t arithmetic (- 2,413)> t table (1,983). X5 (Empathy) has a significant effect on muzakki satisfaction with t arithmetic (2.582)> t table (1.983)



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