Menjalin Demokrasi Lokal Dengan Regional: Membangun Indonesia, Membangun ASEAN [Weaving Democratization on Local Level and Regional Level: Building Indonesia, Building ASEAN]

  • Christine Susanna Tjhin


This paper was written for a presentation in the Millennium Seminar, in which over 60 civil society representatives from 32 provinces in Indonesia sat together to discuss matters relating to decentralization and how to develop Indonesia from the region. The paper highlights the significance of linking local dynamics in different parts of Indonesia with regional dynamics in Southeast Asia for the purpose of strengthening democratization process. Such significance is highlighted by the relations between local civil society network, in this case represented by the activity of Millennium Seminar, and regional civil society network, by the activity of ASEAN People`s Assembly (APA). A particular initiative for this is the Democratization Assessment in Southeast Asia Program. This paper serves as reference paper for participants of Millennium Seminar to address issues of local governance during decentralization period using the Democratization Assessment in Southeast Asia initiative generated by APA.


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