Analisis Kelemahan dan Kelebihan Hasil Amandemen Undang-undang Dasar 1945

Marwan Mas
Journal article Jurnal Media Hukum • Desember 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 2 pages)


The amendment of the 1945 Constitution is inevitable as one of the agenda of the reformation in order to get out of the political crisis, law crisis, economic crisis and moral crisis. This study analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the amendment that has been widely criticized by legal and political observers, since the paradigm built has not been able to be used as baselines to build an effective government. The result of the amendment has not been able to significantly promise upon the value construction and state design that would be built. The weakness also lies in the amendment process since it was more monopolized by the members of People's Consultative Assembly, by not involving the society at large. Comprehensive amendment needs to be done to redesign the strengthening of state institutions in order to strengthen the presidential system, human rights, regional autonomy, and the relations between central-local governments.Keywords: Weaknesses, strengths, the Amendment of the 1945 Constitution


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