Intervensi Hukum Internasional Dalam Kedaulatan Negara Republik Indonesia

Muhammad Nur Islami
Journal article Jurnal Media Hukum • Juli 2011 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 2 pages)


Internal and international conflicts are considerably influential to the sovereignty of a state. Sovereignty is defined as an authority to manage the territory, government and political life of a state. In the execution level it is apparent that a national sovereignty does not solely belong to a state. This paper attempts to discuss the definition and function of a state's sovereignty and how the sovereignty is mantained in absolute way over other states. In addition, this paper argues the existence of International Law that is perceived to have “seized out” the sovereignty of a state in which case also violates the nation's sovereignty. Finally, this paper will analyze the position of sovereignty from the perspective of International law. In conclusion, this paper affirms that sovereignty of a state depends rather on how a state maintain its relation with others; and at the execution level, a state would not be able to maintain its sovereignty in absolute way, since it relates to various political interests in international setting. As a country with sovereignty, Indonesia should be able to resolve its internal conflicts through a fair play and avoid oppressive actions, particularly when it concerns with the issue of respect to the human rights.Keywords: sovereignty, Jurisdiction, residue of power


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