Gigi Supernumerary dan Perawatan Ortodonsi

Herlianti Iswari S.
Journal article E-Journal Widya Kesehatan dan Lingkungan • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


: Supernumerary teeth (excessive teeth) are often found in daily practice, both on children patients with dental first-phase (small frequency), mixed or permanent teeth. Supernumerary teeth is one of the malocclusion cause so we need to take a good care for the supernumerary tooth suchs as extraction if maybe required and if necessary followed by orthodontic treatment. The purpose of this writing is to discuss and find out (1) etiology of supermumerary (2) malocclusion due to supernumerary teeth (3) any preventive action, correction, and treatment that can be done to prevent further malocclusion. It can be concluded that the cause of supernumerary teeth can be derived from the factor heriditer , growth anomalies disorders/teeth and other tissue, also several theories that explain about the etiology like avatisme theory and the theory of dichotomy. Supernumerary teeth is a pretty serious problem in patients because it can be a risk factor for a malocclusion especially when these supernumerary teeth grow between the two anterior insisive teeth (mesiodens) so patients feel uncomfortable that can result in distracting appearance. Therefore it is important to do the right diagnosis and plan an appropriate therapy where necessary orthodontic treatment in accordance with the cases that may occur, such as Diastema case, impaction case, Crowding Teethcase , Tooth Rotation Case. Management of orthodonti that can be done is treatment with orthodontic fix appliance tools or spin-off tool, and the last is to do retention and stabilization to prevent relapse.


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