Factors Associated with Lower Back Pain Disorders in Midwives When Helping Childbirth Process

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Dharma Bhakti Husada hospital is a hospital type C which also serves labor. Midwives usually do a bent position for long periods during which the position is to help labor increases the risk of musculoskeletal disease ( low back pain ).This study is a descriptive observational study, by using cross-sectional design. The subject of this study is the population that has as many as 27 qualified midwives. The independent variables of this study were the individual characteristics (waist circumference, exercise habit, period of employment, age, anthropometric), the characteristics of working positions (standing, bending). The dependent variable was disorder of low back pain. Strength of association between variables were tested with contingency coefficient.The results showed that the Strength of association between LBP the following variables was moderate age (C = 0.313), years of service (C = 0.379), waist circumference (C = 0.261), height (C = 0.472), elbow height (C = 0.507) , a high waist (C = 0.477), shoulder height (C = 0.485), arm length (C = 0.348), length fathoms (C = 0.422), long standing position (C = 0.481), a bent position (C = 419). Whereas the strength of association between LBP and exercise habit was low (C = 0.143). Working position now is in danger of being according to the method Rula (level 3).It is recommended for the hospital to provide an adjustable obgyn table high and low with a range of 89-100 cm. The midwife are recommended to have a short break with sitting €“ standing technique while helping the delivery and do stretching in standing position.Key words: low back pain, individual characteristics, working position


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